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If you are the driver of a motorcycle who has been hit by another vehicle, you should know that even if you are determined not to be “at-fault”, the damages you are entitled to receive may be reduced if you were not wearing a certified helmet at the time of the accident.

What ICBC Looks For

ICBC will also often take a critical look at the condition of your motorcycle. Things like tire pressure and the condition of your tires can be a factor that affects liability—and consequently, the value of your personal injury claim damages. Similarly, where you choose to position your motorcycle in the lane while driving can be a factor. Generally, the accepted or preferred lane position is the left side or centre of the lane.

Finally, your actions preceding the accident may be carefully reviewed. As in any vehicle accident, the evidence of eye witnesses, and from the accident scene itself, can play a critical role in establishing liability and a claim for damages. If you can, always take steps to obtain witness names and contact information.

Do not rely on the police to collect this information for you.

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